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The driveway is often overlooked as an opportunity for creative, functional design. Granted, we always think of driveways as large applications of concrete or asphalt, typically in existence to serve a single function – take my car from the street to the garage. But don’t let the “standard” be your excuse for not having an interesting driveway! With a little imagination and proper management of materials, you could have a unique driveway at the fraction of the cost you might pay for a “standard” drive!

Color Concrete

We can recolor concrete with tints and stains to add to its visual appeal and complement the surrounding landscape. Our Los Angeles / Orange County concrete contractors use materials of the highest quality, like Davis Colors products. Depending on the details of your project, a liquid-based, granulated or concentrated powder pigment may work for you. Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete livens up an otherwise boring slab of concrete. With today’s technology, there are endless options for creating patterns and borders. We will tailor our approach to meet your tastes, whether they favor a modern look or more traditional look. Stamped concrete in particular can truly enhance the architecture of your home.If we are stamping, we will lay the concrete and then apply a stamp or mold into the concrete while it’s still wet. The stamp/mold leaves an impression in the dry concrete to create an eye-catching pattern or give the appearance of brick or stone. Concrete stamping can resemble very high-end, hand-laid stone (but is a much more cost-effective technique).

1. Use two types of finishes. Choose two types of patterns or finishes to give your driveway a unique look. In this example, exposed aggregate was used in the fields, and a patterned border was chosen.2. Borders Give your concrete a finished look with a bordered edge. Just adding the element of a 6” border will make your driveway look more elegant. You can also add dimension by using a contrasting color in the border. View this slideshow of creative uses of borders on concrete driveways.3. Create a focal point. Include a design at intersecting points of your driveway to create a focal point. Commonly chosen items are compass designs, logos, address numbers, or shapes with varying stamped patterns.4. Control joint pattern. Most control joints are placed in single square shapes. Add some detail by creating two sets of control joint lines. The extra markings will help break up a large driveway.5. Create interest with random color. Can’t afford to color the entire driveway? Choose a pattern and randomly select varying squares or areas to hand-color.
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